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Limited 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty
Spray-Crete® Residential Deck Systems


I. Spray-Crete® Systems (“ Spray-Crete® ”) warranties to the original residential homeowner/purchaser (“contractee”) that its products are manufactured without defect. When our product is applied in accordance with Spray-Crete® instructions and on specified surfaces as described below, there will be no peeling or blistering of the surface that is caused by defective material for a period of up to five years from the date of product application. This warranty covers the complete Spray-Crete® system only. This warranty form is an addendum to the original contract or proposal.

This limited warranty includes the following:

A. Fade Resistance - product will not significantly discolor due to airborne pollutants and fumes such as sulfide gases.
B. Chalk Resistant - colors will not chalk or wash down to cause stain on brick, trim or other surfaces below.
C. Mildew Resistant - this product will inhibit growth of mildew on the surface of this paint film. (Mildew resistant does not mean mildew proof.)

This limited warranty SOLELY covers the product itself after application to EXTERIOR CONCRETE SURFACES OF RESIDENTIAL(single family, noncommercial)DWELLINGSand doesNOTcover the application process,failure caused by defective substrates, previous coatings which have lost adhesion, fire, hail (or other acts of God), defects in the structure, vandalism, abuse and/or neglect by the purchaser, or cause other than defect in the material.

A. This product is not a waterproofing compound and should not be used over wood or inside of fountains
B. Applying this product over surfaces other than concrete is not covered by this warranty.

Pre-Application Verification by Contractee (Homeowner) Date Verified
Complete Address of Job (Including: House Number, Street, City, State & Zip) Date Job Started

Type of Product Modified Bonding Additive Batch No. __________
  Sealer/Stain Batch No. __________
  Grout/Bag Mix Batch No. __________
  Crack Repair Epoxy Batch No. __________
Contractor / Installer (company name First then Signature) Date Completed
Post-Application Verification by Contractee (Homeowner)
I accept this job as complete per contract or proposal.
Date Verified

All Spray-Crete® warranties must be placed on file at the address below by the contractee to Spray-Crete® within 45 days of completion of the project by the installer. The warranty must be in original form (no copy accepted). Forward in original form along with a copy of your installation contract or proposal to Spray-Crete® Industries, Inc., 7906 Hopi Place, Tampa, Florida 33634.
Please initial after reviewing reverse side __________
White - Mail to: Spray-Crete® Industries, Inc. | Yellow - Customer’s Copy | Pink - Dealer’s copy

This limited warranty applies SOLELY under circumstances wherein the product is found to be defective and wherein the following procedures have been strictly observed:

A. All surfaces must be pressure washed with a minimum of 3000 psi.
B. The product must be applied in accordance with written specifications
C. The surface on which the Spray-Crete® system is to be applied must be inspected by the contractee prior to job start-up and within 30 days after job completion. This form must be completed and submitted to the address shown on front within 45 days following job completion.

V. Product replacement under this limited warranty shall be pro-rated as follows:
  During Years One and Two - Spray-Crete® will replace any product with a proven manufacturer’s defect at 100% of manufacturer’s suggested retail list price.
  During Year Three - Spray-Crete® will replace any product with a proven manufacturer’s defect at 75% of manufacturer’s suggested retail list price.
  During Year Four - Spray-Crete® will replace any product with a proven manufacturer’s defect at 50% of manufacturer’s suggested retail list price.
  During Year Five - Spray-Crete® will replace any product with a proven manufacturer’s defect at 25% of manufacturer's suggested retail list price.
VI Contractee shall be responsible for pre-paying to Spray-Crete® the difference between the Spray-Crete® allowance and the manufacturer’s suggested retail list price. All replacement product(s) under approved warranty claims will be shipped direct to contractee F.O.B. Spray-Crete® headquarters VI This limited warranty applies only to original contractee and only so long as the original contractee owns his or her residential dwelling. THE DURATION OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES IS LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. SPRAY-CRETE’S LIABILITY UNDER ANY WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS LIMITED SOLELY TO PRODUCT REPLACEMENT ONLY ANDDOES NOT COVER LABOR EXPENSES, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR ANY OTHER REMEDY.
VII. Spray-Crete Systems, Inc. DOES NOT warrant the application of the product. No distributor, independent contractor, installer, individual or business entity has authorization to modify this limited warranty. Spray-Crete Industries, Inc., is not liable for any damage(s) caused by improper application and/or application of non-Spray-Crete® products.
VIII. Spray-Crete Systems, Inc., DOES NOT warrant the treatment, results or reoccurrence of cracks under any circumstances
IX. It is the responsibility of the contractee to hire qualified, licensed (if applicable) contractors to insure proper application of the products.
X. All claims under this limited warranty must be accompanied by proof of purchase and a copy of original contract. (Other documents may be required)
XI. Contractee must verify that all types of products as listed on reverse side bear the registered Spray-Crete® label and trademark.
XII. This limited warranty provides you with specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which vary from State to state.
XIII. Venue and jurisdiction over the parties in any legal action for any and all claims brought by (1) the contractee against Spray-Crete®, regardless of whether contractee sues other individuals or entities in addition to Spray-Crete®, (2) Spray-Crete® against the contractee, regardless of whether Spray-Crete® sues other individuals or entities in addition to contractee, shall be solely and exclusively in the courts of Hillsborough County, Florida.Should either party bring suit against the other in any venue or jurisdiction other than Hillsborough County, Florida,and should the party against which such action is brought succeed in having such action dismissed or transferred because it was not brought in Hillsborough County, Florida, then the party bringing the action will be required to pay the other’s expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, incurred in obtaining said dismissal or transfer.

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